Self-Test Soloists Audition Process

Please Note: Students who are happy with an ensemble/chorus role do not need to submit a self-test audition.


Students who would like to be considered for a ‘soloist’ opportunity are required to submit a self-test audition movie demonstrating their singing and acting skills for one of the following song sections. Students should perform using the accompanying backing track.



Self-Test Resource Link


Watch What Happens (Girls)  First Verse and Chorus (Bars 1 – 70) 

Seize the Day (Boys)  First part (Bars 6 – 28) 

Seasons of Love  Chorus and Solo of choice (Bars 1-33 or 34-61)

My Shot (Boys Rap). (Bars 1-20).

Self-Test Movie Submission

Students upload their ‘Self-Test’ audition movie to a private cloud server (e.g. OneDrive, YouTube, Vimeo) and forward a URL link to the following audition form. 

Please do not upload to social media


Link Here to Self-Test Movie Submission Form

Self-Test Recording Instructions

Self-Test Movie Demonstration (This is what it should look like)

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Assistant Director and Assistant Musical Director

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